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Dental Advice for holiday

With the coming of spring break, after a year of work, routine life most of us, the holiday season is the welcome change. Holidays opportunity to rest, do backward, traveling, visiting, and so on. If planned properly, we can take great advantage of New Year holidays. One of the issues that may be encountered during the New Year holiday, we have a toothache! Especially during the travel and eat a variety of foods during the holidays, such as the probability of a toothache there.
1.asfnd month is the month in which we have a lot of work to do in arrears. During the holidays, many public and private dental centers, which are open during a potential problem, we can refer to it.
2. When traveling with a simple analgesics allowed the counter medications are available, it is wise. When driving in the mountains and plains may not be easy access to pharmacies.
3. The skip nuts residue. Usually at the bottom of the container nuts, pistachios mouth closed, almond bark is thick and tough and inedible parts are nuts! When you reach the limit nuts skip this section! Your teeth are worth much more than the closed end of pistachio nuts. Pistachios empty package in your pocket and then count them get hammered!
sugar and cause tooth decay constant Drdyd and Year views, you will need prior to your oral hygiene.
4. If you have a toothache, a visit to the dentist is the best way to solve the problem.use of drugs or something strange and weird to do this.
5. anesthetic sprays, toothpaste, herbal drops for pain and some traditional herbal remedies like cloves may be effective in controlling pain Bashnd.syr, honey, pepper, salt, oregano, pomegranate peel, ginger, tea andTooth pain is not caused by the chemicals and weird things like brake fluid (!), and so resort to battery acid! toxicity of this material may be hazardous. Toothpaste can be used in cases where the hole is placed in the cavity to reduce pain.
6. alcohol, drugs or smoking are ways to control tooth pain. Hypnotic and sedative drugs if they are prescribed by a doctor before they are allowed to use in case of toothache. Regardless of these substances and drugs addiction, may have irreversible harmful effects.
7.agr with or without treatment, temporary, holiday, toothache lost your mind off the pain that does not see the need to.You will result in tooth loss.

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