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With calcified canals, which can not open what to do?

The calcified canals and open them easily, from everyday problems that dentists perform root canal therapy root Dhnd.drman always as dentists love, comfort and neat before Rvd.gahy not find in the first place orifice channels, cross the channel and reach the working length. Sometimes these problems are difficult to find at the beginning and at the orifice outlets there. Sometimes cross the channel and reach have problems during the operation. The office seven pressed not to find out about the opening of channels that can not be found, here.
A fearless 1.by not treated: often difficult to predict routing and open channels of a tooth root due to calcification possible. X-ray before attempting to treat the root is a “must” is essential, but even without X-ray is also near some cases can guess the reality in this case Bznyd.dndan that have abrasion (bruxism, Klnchyng) have teeth with restorations. Older large or cervical caries and teeth change color with the exception of trauma can be difficult to treat roots. It is important that before attempting to treat the root of the tooth to be periapical Bashym.arzyaby before treatment offices, saving you time and keeps our work credibility.
2.nh the tools to find channels: high speed handpieces (turbines) and more means of rotary tools for Search channel Search Nystnd.jst channel openings must be made by means of touch affect you A catheter or endodontic explorer or manual files, in fact your finger to touch along the orifice will be. But rotational devices in common use, such performance will Dasht.astfadh from milling to find orifice and, while stirring the pulp chamber floor map, create spite of the possibility of perforation of the treatment process more difficult and the probability of finding channels in retreatment by a colleague if not impossible, very difficult.
3.tvjh to anatomical and morphological shape of the crown and root angle to each other and to the Crown due Knyd.msla divergent roots, often with small orifice near the Darnd.bd lingual and crowding, and the cusp. . either be on the canal anatomy and the location of the canal orifice to give information to know these things need to experience high therapeutic Dard.hfrh convenient access to dental morphology of the first and most important principle of access to channel openings and is passing through the channel.
4. light and magnification to use enough in our country, unfortunately, use the zoom in dental education Schools usual. But for Studies show that enough light magnification can not find the probability of finding channels to a significant percentage of high Bbrd.astfadh loop and dental microscopes (Dental Operating Microscope) can improve the quality of many of our treatment is useful.
5. Refer time manipulation too, too much damage the crown and palm pulp, perforation, grudge and will reduce treatment success. Even after just a few sessions can provide an acceptable root canal treatment, root canal treatment costs normally allocated time you will be held accountable. Reference is not always due to disability and could not, dentists clever with Argan in time to save time and costs are higher.
6.test champagne bubbles and coloring: When hypochlorite in the coronal orifice that they are looking for, be, free bubbles coming from the mouth of the orifice can be our guide to find channels Bashnd.rng coloring methylene blue, especially in combination with the zoom assist in finding orifice The machine has the ultrasonic can be removed Platforms and calcification of cervical dentinal canals, finding facilitate Hara channel.
7.your patience: do not put all your teeth similar or immediately after cavity preparation highway access channels face! No easy way to find or open channels calcified or there is no shortcuts. The only thing that can help you get more experience, which is also in the light of patience and practice to get Yd.bh safe to say patience, patience and effort the most important weapon of dentists to deal with the problems of the hand.

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