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  Dr Ali Morsali
DDS MSc: Dentist, Endodontist .

university lecturer

Dr Morsali Endodontics /Iran
Dr Morsali Endodontics /Iran

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About Our carrier In Dentistry /Endodontics(root canal Treatment)

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Info@drmorsali.com +98902-3232-902

  • Iran,Tehran – Enterence of  Jalal Al Ahmad St – Under the Bridge Gisha (Nasr), No. 71 , fourth floor( in front of the Agricultural Bank)- phone +982188283006 and +982188283007
  • Iran – Karaj –Beheshti Street, Noor Doctors building, Number20/ phone:+982634486484
  • what is root canal treatment?who is endodontist?

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