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Experience Ambassador to Jordan on the canal

At a time when the world of the tragic death of the Jordanian pilot Isis was stunned and grieving, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with toothache clients. Human him affable, patient and yet familiar to Arabic literature and poetry and poets in the Arab world, such as Adonis and Nizar Qabbani talked. At the same time Shhray Omar Khayyam Iranian ambassador to Jordan was known, according to the textbooks had arrived.

Dentistry is where you can even on matters other than dental dialogue and focus on the treatment to be removed and be more comfortable.


درباره دکتر علی مرسلی

دکتر علی مرسلی
دندانپزشک – متخصص درمان ریشه – بورد تخصصی اندودانتیکس کرج:خیابان شهید بهشتی جنب شهرکتاب مرکزی ، ساختمان پزشکان نور واحد20/تهران،پل گیشا02188283006

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